May 15th 2018
Tour Details
Just on the subject of the tour, I have had official confirmation of 7.30 am sharp deparure - we will not be able to wait for anyone so as Clive has said, be on time, have your cash, have your passport and all will be well !
Stretch and Jamie please note that this is not a Sunday morning !!!...
May 11th 2018
Tour Details
Hi guys just a quick reminder and some happier news. The tour. Please meet next Friday at 7am in the Lads Of The Village, the coach will not hang around for stragglers or people who don't do mornings lol. Don't forget your passports, money etc. ( yes Keith especially you) !! Also on Saturday 9th June we will be holding our end of season presentation at the Lads. We are looking at an approx. 3pm start.
This year we would like to make it more of a family gathering so there will be a bouncy castle and subsidised barbecue. The cost will be 5.00 per player and no charge for wives, partners, children etc. Nico you are limited to just 6 wives or girlfriends !!!
If you haven't already let John know your player of the season vote please let him know asap. Let's get as many as we can along to this family event. Thank you..
May 2nd 2018
No Game Sunday
With a very heavy heart I am putting this message on here. Due to a bereavement our inter club game on Sunday has been cancelled. More details will be supplied once we have them. May I ask you all to respect this message and myself, John or Des will update you soon. We will still meet down the Lads about 12.30 for our " end of season" gathering but feel a game of football at this time is not the right thing to do.
Thanking you in anticipation for your understanding of this situation..
Something Else At The Welsh Tavern
Apr 29th 2018
As you are aware our game tomorrow has been called off so therefore you can all stay at home do jobs around the house and get loads of Brownie points. Then get down the Welsh and support Gary's band No excuses. See you all about 4 o'clock.
Super Vets Draw
Apr 22 2018
The Super Vets Draw 1-1 at home to Crofton Albion with a goal by Gary Savage with a 30 yard shot into the top right hand corner.
Young Vets Win and Super Vets Draw
Apr 15th 2018
The Young Vets won 6-3 at home to Inter Vyagra, the vets goalscorers were Danny Thomas (5) and Kenny Fenton..The Super Vets draw 0-0 away to Sanco.
Tour News
Apr 11th 2018
FC Jeunesse Useldeng are our opponents in Luxembourg - they are on Facebook if you want to check them out. Think we might be having a party !!
Young Vets Lose and Super Vets Lose
Apr 8th 2018
The Young Vets lose 1-5 away to Greenwich Challenge the vets goalscorer was Bugsy and The Super Vets lose 0-1 away to Charlton Diamond.
No Matches/Tour Details
Apr 1 2018
Just a gentle ( at the moment) reminder to those of you who still need to pay their tour money. If you can't bring it along Sunday please text myself or Des and we will give you account details to arrange to transfer the monies. We also need to get passport details of yourselves. Let's get this all settled please. Thank you.
Something Else @ Rosecroft Social Club
Apr 1 2018
Somethin' Else are playing for the first time at Rosecroft Social Club, 269 High St, Orpington BR5 4AR, from 7.30pm until 10.30pm.
Mar 25th 2018
Inter Club Game....White beat Blues 2-0
We had a club game between ourselves today. Blues v Whites. Whites won 2.0. Goals from Dave Sirroto and Peter Scott.